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Name: Christmas Tree worm, Spirobranchus Giganteus
Anatomy/Appearance: It appears like most tube -building polychaets. It has a tubular, segmented body lined with chaeta, small appendages that aids the worm with it's mobility.
Mobility: As it does not move outside it's tube, this worm does not have any specialized appendages for movement or swimming.
Diet: Christmas Tree Worms feed primarily by filter feeding. They use their brightly-colored radioles to filter microorganisms from the water, witch are then deposited straight into the worms digestive tract.
Habitat: Christmas Tree Worms are wildly distributed throughout the worlds tropical oceans. They have been known to occur from the Caribbean to the Indo-Pacific.
adaptations: As the species is wide spread and relatively common, as far as I know it has none.
Life Cycle/Reproduction: When they reproduce they simply shed their gametes straight into the water where the eggs (and spermatozoa) will become part of the zoo plankton and be carried by the currents.
Behavior:Christmas Tree Worms are solitary animals, and don't really do much.
defense/offense: If danger threatens, the worm can pull it's head down in the blink of an eye.
Enemies: Many fish such as the Butterfly fish try to eat these worms.
References: http://www.Reefnews.com & http://www.wikipedia.com
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