Kaleigh - Coral reef


Sea Snake the sea snakes genus name is Aipysurus.

Sea Snakes move by using their paddle like tails as arms or fins to swim.

The Sea Snake eats eel fish.Some only eat fish eggs. Sea Snakes get the fish eggs by sticking their heads in the sea floor and that is how they get the fish eggs.

The sea snake lives in the warm tropical waters of the Indian ocean and the Pacific ocean.

The adaptations to my animal the sea snake is his or her paddle like tail that helps them swim.

Sea Snakes have alive babies in the water.

Sea Snakes act different on land than they do in water. In water they all are calm in water except when they are geting their food then it is a different story.On land they can not coil and strike like land snakes can.

The sea snake uses its venom to kill its prey. A sea snakes venom is almost not venomous to these animals: Sea Eagle form above,shark, large fish,eels and perhaps maybe even a crocodiles from below. Yellow bellied sea snakes are lucky because almost nothing eats them.

Dear Yvonne, Kiki, and Queena in Taiwan:
We got your DVD and it was cool. I love the presentation you gave it looked liked you were not scared to stand up there in front of all your class mates. I am not scared to stand up in front of my class mates I do it all the time and I cant be afraid because I am the class president. I like how all of you spoke loud and clear. I could hear you good.In the video i saw the stockings you gave ous. I saw our giant monster. I also saw your teacher a lot in the video. When I saw the list of animals that you had for the coral reef project. I was kind of hoping that one of you would have the sea snake but none of you had the sea snake.The coral reef project was a lot of fun!!

your friend,