Kimmiesha- Coral Reef



: Size 3 ft long, Shaped like a basketball. It has no Legs. It has 2 eyes and a whole lot of spines.

Movement: My animal swims. It moves slow and when its inflated it moves fast.

Diet: My animal eats silversides and Prawn. It gets its food by opening its mouth and swim and the animal gets in its mouth. My animal is a carnivore.

Habitat: My animal lives in the deep sea. It lives in the ocean. It lives in a coral reef.

Adaptations: The puffer fish body keeps the animals away when it comes and it puffs up.

Behavior: When my puffer fish is sick it throws its self in the sand and water. When it does that it gets cuts and and starts bleed and then it might die.

Defense\offense: He puffs up when it sees its predator.

Enemies: Sharks and sea snakes can it eat. The poison from the puffer fish does not hurt the sea snake.

I found all my information on www.Puffer

Dear Taiwan friends I hope you enjoy learning about my animal.
I hope that we get the video. We will watch it. What is your favorite animal?


Hey Andy, Aaron, and Danial
I saw your video. I saw that you guys showed the reindeer. The Christmas cards too. Danial you had jellyfish I like jelly fish alot. Aaron you had seahorse my friend Cara got seahorse. I like jellyfish like I told you with Danial. Hanna looks really nice tell her I like Jellyfish. Do you know how Starfish are getting killed. I feel sad for them because Starfish are so cute. Do you ever see starfish were you live. Can you ask Katrina what is a dugong? Barry nows alot abot a sea slug. Kenny sounds like he knows alot about sea animals. Do yall like sea animals? I do. How do you guys put that animal up in the air and how did yall make it? Did yall know that when Jellyfish swim they squrit water out. I did not know that there is yellow sea slugs. Do clown fish have alot of eggs? I did not know that Star fish breath out of there feet. Do yall know if crabs have eggs? If they do where do they keep them and do they got to set on them? I don`t know alot about sea animal I wish I did. I think when I grow up I am going to be a sea animal person. I dont know about sea urchins but plants are good.