Words and Ideas Page

Here are some of the phrases my students learned before traveling to the International Summer Camp in Taiwan in 2007.

1. Why should anyone learn another language?

It is helpful if you travel to a different place such as Asia. -- Chris

It is important for you to learn another language before you move to a place and you don`t know the language such as Spain.-Bianca

Mr. Smith asks: Please tell me some important words or phrases that would be helpful in Taiwan.

1. Na shur sha mat? (What is that?)
2. Qing wen tu suo zai na li? (Where is the restroom please?)
3. Wo bu dong. (I don't understand.)
4. Wo dong. (I understand.)
5. Wo yao mai bing gee ling. (I want to buy ice cream.)
6. Tai gui! (Too expensive!)
7. Ni xi bu xi huan sheegwa? (Do you like watermelon?)
8. Ni yo mei yo schwe? (Do you have any water?)
9. Wo xiu Bianca. ( I am Bianca.)