Lexie - Coral Reef


Name: sea star

Appearance: it looks like a star . It is up to 11 Ibs (5 kg). sea stars has know brain and no

Movement it can move by moving its feet

Diet the diet is carnivore

Habitat where it lives on the baech

Adaptations - it has suction cups on its feet

Defenese\Offense they have bony,calcified skin which protects them from most predators,and many wear striking colors that camouflage them or scare off potential attackers.

Enemies - sharks, manta rays, and Large boney fish

I got my information from http; //users.big pond.net.au/je. st/starfish/habitat.htm1

Dear Harry Jerry,Crist, I hope you guys ae having fun on your coal reef project .I wonder what you are doing. I am finish. goodbye.