The Hamsters From The Dark Side

My story starts out when miles is in his bedroom flipping though channels on his tv and thinking about his homework that he was sapost to be doing. The main careters are Penny and Henry. They are miles pet hamsters. Miles had a friend over playing. Miles friends name is Hilery. They were flipping though channels. They came to comity then Abc family and what they wanted cartoons. They sat there for one hour waching cartoons. The hamsters got out of their cage because when Miles feed them he didn't shut the cage door. The hamster cage looks like tobes going all over the room. Miles left the room to go outside and play kickball with his friends. He shut the bedroom door. Two hours later Miles was back. It was supper time. He was having baked chicken, peas, mashed patados.

When Miles was done with his supper he went upstairs to play with his hamsters but hey were gone. He went downstairs and told his mom,baby sister,and big brother that the hamsters were gone. they said that they have not seen them. Miles went to Hilerys house. He asked her if she had seen them. Hilrey said, "I have not seen them but if I do I will tell you".Miles went home and went to his bedroom. Miles mom was doing his loundry. She saw a pair of his pants moving. She picked them up and She said, "MILES I FOUND THE HAMSTERS IN A PAIR OF YOU'R DIRTY PANTS". Miles ran as fast as he can down the stairs, around the corner and right into the loundry room. He said," thank you mom'. He went to Hilery house and told her he found them so don't worry about it any more. He went back to his house and went up the steps, to his room. He never left the cage door open again.

Hi Nikki this is Reneta.I think your story is great because you had some detail. I also liked the names of Miles,Penny,Henry and Hilary.You did have a few spelling mistakes but the rest was fantastic. I also like hamsters but i don't have them as pets.Your beginning of the story was really good. I like the bit when Mile's mum said something it was in bold letters.I wondered what was kickball.I really like your title too because it goes well with the story.I was also wondering what tobes meant because i didn't know if it was a spelling mistake.