Classroom-to-Classroom Project with Australia: Animal Podcasts --

´╗┐Assignment: choose an animal,identify its continent and location, food supply, and make that animal's sound with your own voice.
() - Go HERE for Mrs. Lowe's Animal Podcasts.

[NOTE: This project has finished and is not open to new members.]

Anasia - Adelie penguin

Allison - Dart frog

Raven - Grizzly bear

Cheyenne - Spider monkey

Dee - Chimpanzee

Emily - Donkey

Jessica - Howler monkey

Jordon - Wolf

Joshua - Polar bear

Kalin - King cobra

Kayla - Kookaburra

Leeann - Gray wolf

Logan - Highland pony

Mercadees - Zebra

Nikki - Silverback gorilla

Shaianye - Red fox

Shayna - Prairie dog

Tomeisha - Coyote

Victoria - Otus owl

Creighton - in progress

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