Kaitlynn - Coral Reef


NAME: flatworm

APPEARANCE: It does not have legs it just floats and it has no neck.

Movement: It just floats and wiggles through the water.

DIET: The flatworm eats the coral reef.

HABITAT: The flatworm lives in vernal pools, vernal swavs and freshwater marshes.

ADAPTIONS: It is its body so it can move and get it`s prey.

LIFE CYCLE: Each flatworm is both female and male.

BEHAVIOR: Flatworms eat coral and also harm coral.

ENEMIES: The enemies to a flatworm is insets, dragonflies, beetles, and small fish.

I got my information from www.oceanography.com and www.coral.org.

Dear Taiwan pals,

I can not wait to see your c.d. you are sending us. I got the flatworm and it is awesome.