Alicia-Coral Reef


Name: Sea Urchin

Anatomy: My animal looks like a ball it is 4 inches and (10 cm). The shape is like a ball. It has 5 teeth. It has two eyes and one body part.

Movement: My animal can move by swimming. It is slow moving.

Diet: My animal eats plankton, kelp periwinkles, and even barnacles, and mussels. My animal is a carnivore. It is a meat eater

Habitat: It lives in the Coral Reef.

Life Cycle: The life cycle of a Sea Urchin starts by spawning directly into the sea. First, the male parts spurts out his sperm. Then the female comes and spurts out her eggs. If the sperm and eggs touch. Then a new baby Sea Urchin will form.

Enemies: The enemies are sun stars, and sea otters.

Defense: The spines are used for protection, for moving, and for trapping drifting algae to eat.

I got my information and pictures from this web site

Dear Taiwan kids I hope you learn something from my animal, and hope we get to see your DVD soon.