Cameron - Coral Reef


The Animals name:Moray Eel,Gymno Thorax unndulatus

Appearance:Its light green and its a long oval shape and it has a little head ,sharp teeth and long tail.


Diet:Carnivore eats on Branded coral shrimp and octopus.

Size: 3.5 feet (1.1 m)

Habitat:It lives in the Coral reef in the Pacific Ocean

Adaptations:Its teeth is its adaptation

Behavior:It hunts with groups.

LIFE CYCLE/REPRODUCTION:.They live up to 10 years.

Defense/Offense:It uses its teeth to Attack there preys and to defend there self.

Enemies:There Enemies are the sea snakes and sharks eats the Moray Eel.

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Hey Jason,Liang and Poyin

We saw your video and a few things I remebered was the school,coral reef
project,christmas gifts,timeline, and the monster that you made.I liked your
presentation and the other ones too. I havent sent you a message for a long
time now.I hope you write back some time.There was a lot of poeple that did
the clownfish there was 12 poeple!Be sure to look at my coral reef project on
our wiki . =D bye

Cameron :P