Cara - Coral Reef


Name:Sea horse the Sea horses scientific name is Hippocampus.

Appearance:My animal can camouflage in with things. It has a horse like head, a monkey like tail, and a pouch like a kangaroo.

Movement: My animal can move vertical or upright swimming.

Diet: My animal eats brine shrimp,tiny fish, and plankton. The seahorse doesn't have any teeth so it sucks food through it's tiny stout.

Habitat:Sea horses live in salt warm shallow water in the coral reef.

Adaptations:Many sea horses change colors to match their environment.

Life Cycle:The female sea horse can lay as many as 2,000 eggs into the males pouch. About 2-6 weeks later , tiny sea horses hatch.

Behavior:When a sea horse mates it changes colors.

Defense/Offense:A sea horse defends it's self by changing it's color. The sea horse also attacks other sea horses by butting heads and fighting with it's tail.

Enemies:The amberjack is a sea horses enemy. Also other sea horses are there worst enemy.

I got my information from,,,and www.barrackht.pschool.nsw

My favorite thing about the sea horse is that it can camouflage in with things to protect it's self
Hey Celine, Joyce, and Anny,

This is Cara. I got the video your class made it was really good. The class loved it. You also did really good English but you could speak a little louder. I have some memories that I want to share with you. I saw the stocking that you gave me so I would like to say thank you again for it they we,re great I still have everything. the monster that you made was beautiful. I also saw what I gave you for Chirstmas the card and the reindeer.
Celine you had a wonderful presentation about the crabs. Same with you Joyce wonderful starfish presentation. Anny beautiful presentation. GOOD JOB to all of you.

Your Friend,