Destiny's story to the King:

One Day in the town of Hannibal there lived a girl named Kylee. Kylee was a 15 year old pop star. She sings " come back to me" She had two friends named Oliver and Brittany.One day at school Thursday May 13, 2006 a girl named Becca had a crush on Oliver. In the middle of school Becca came over to her locker. Becca's locker was three lockers away from Oliver. She came to Oliver and started talking. when Kylee and her friend Brittany walked by they herd them talking. then Kylee told Oliver to come here and he wouldn't. So they walked over to him and pulled Oliver away from Becca and said did you no that Becca is crushing on you and he said she wasn't and that they were just friends. but the next day Kylee told Oliver that she was crushing on him again. He said that they were just friends again then when she came by her locker he realized that she was crushing on him but he didn;t like her. So she just walked away and talked to her friends. When Kylee went home she saw her brother playing with his stomach by making his belly button talk. Jack is a 17 year old guy. She told him all about school.
The End
The Alien King
Dear Destiny,
I hearded that Becca had a big crush on Oliver.
I liked the part that Klyee's brother was playing with his stomach.
I have a question.
Did you get the idea of Hannnah Montana?
Your story is very intresting.
I hope you like my story.
Now I am going to answer some of your questions.
George is 30 years old.
He does live alone but his best friend lives next to him.
About 5 or 6 people helped him with the beach.
Did you like my story?
I liked yours a lot.
Your friend,
Camila Selmane
Destiny's answer to Camila 4-10-07 , I do like your story alot it really got me hooked to your story. How old was George's friends? What do mean when you told me if i get the idea of Hannah Montana? Do you mean if I know that she isn't really Hannah Montana? Did you know my dad and I know Hannah Montana? We met her and her dad in St.Louis.